Hamstring Tear Prediction

One of the holy grails of sports physio is being able to predict an at-risk athlete simply by using a screening test.  An article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in August… Continue reading

Do Your Homework!

Even though most of us haven’t been at school or uni for a long time (a looooong time for yours truly), we’ve all been told that we have to do our homework. Last… Continue reading

More is Less

Get your head around this: by taking more steps over a one mile test run, female runners with and without knee pain put LESS total stress through their knee joints.  An easier way… Continue reading

Kneecap Pain: answering @MonaLS85

Answering @MonaLS85 Physio for kneecap straightening from a physio. Mona, from reading into your tweet, it would seem that you have knee pain that someone has told you is due to your kneecap… Continue reading

Psoas release: Response to @MikePovey1

@MikePovey1 wrote “40 miles yesterday after months ill off bike and nothing but base turbo miles. Result! @tobydefrance any tips for tight psoas?” Firstly Mike, nice work on punching out 60km on your… Continue reading

DOMS in cyclists??

DOMS, or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a common problem with certain types of exercise. The prevalent theory holds that with eccentric exercise (lengthening under load – like lowering a weight to the… Continue reading

Elbow Tendinopathy (answering @adventureisart)

From: @adventureisart Sent: 19 Jul 2010 20:13 Any advice on continuing elbow pain? I’m pretty sure its tendinitis. I haven’t been riding for over a week now and its driving me insane! sent… Continue reading

The Rude Return

So January was all sunshine and roses. And then… KERTHUMP!  Along came Europe in winter in all of her furious unpredictability!  My first night in Girona was one of the very rare times… Continue reading